Lati, Orion, Bataan



We offer reliable and responsive public service by providing quality water for the beneficial use of the residents of Orion.


A provider of choice of abundant, safe and affordable water


HONESTY – We strive to be upright and be principled and to be free from fraud and deception.

CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE – We serve our customers with superior quality service.

TEAMWORK – We value harmonious working relationship to achieve our goal.


O - Our water concessionaires will always be a priority with us.

R - Respect and courtesy will be observed in dealing with them.

I - Information Technology will support operations for better performance.

W - Water delivery standards will continuously improve.

A - Attention will be given to praise, suggestions and complaints.

D - Dedicated personnel whose skills will be enhanced through training will deliver professional service.

~ We believe that the water concessionaires of Orion are the reasons for our work and the District’s existence. ~